Broken Records: 1960 – 1969 by Andrew S Guthrie



Broken Records: 1960-1969 by Andrew S Guthrie

Hong Kong, China 2007

published by Lik Ink

“Broken Records: 1960 – 1969”, is an artist book that documents one 45rpm for each year of the1960s. The selection of the 45rpms is almost random (as if rescued from oblivion), yet accurate in its portrayal of the times as history tends to skip the left over, the unspectacular, and the minor hit. On one side of the accordion foldout are pictures of the records, on the reverse side each record is documented, citing band members and singers, production and label information, its position in record industry charts, and its place in Pop Music history. Additionally, there are sidebars about each year of the 1960s in world history, and a running commentary about the recording industry, pop culture, ownership rights, marketing and the 1960s as a significant turning point in youth culture.

「Broken Records: 1960 – 1969」是一本藝術書刊,記載著二十世紀六十年代每一年的一張45轉(7吋)黑膠唱片。手風琴式折頁內的一邊有黑膠唱片的圖片,另一邊有此唱片的資料記錄,內容有歌手與樂隊成員和唱片公司的介紹、唱片製作詳情、唱片在業界內的排名位置,以及在流行樂歷史的定位。此外,側欄內有同時代每一年的世界歷史,以及一個關於錄音界、流行文化、版權、市場策劃、六十年代作為青年文化重要轉折點的評論。

Category: Multiple

Pages: [20] pages

Dimensions (folded): 21 x 21 cm.

Cover: box

Binding: accordion

Edition 500


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