Nam Tam Wan, Cheung Chau, 2016 by Patrick S. Ford

Patrick S. Ford recently got in touch by email asking if Likink would carry his artist book / project: “Nam Tam Wan, Cheung Chau 2016”. During our negotiations I realized, whether he knew it or not, that the project has a kind of tangential narrative that concerns the life of the artist. The sticky problem […]

“Sojourn with Stranger” : Hong Kong domicile packaged in an artist book

“Sojourn with Stranger” is an artist book (a unique edition) recently curated by Hilda Chan through the auspices of Hong Kong based gallery Mur Nomade. The project came about by way of the gallery’s Open Call to Young Curators, which in this case asked for proposals for a limited-edition art book. One strategy for the […]

Storybook Bag Volume 1 Issue 1: The Artwork Archive

Click on the image below to open downloadable PDF – the first issue of Storybook Bag in which I propose that the collector can be a kind a creator and that my collection of “artist books” is an artwork in itself. Otherwise, I promote and exemplify a few such books . . .