Lik Ink

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Lik Ink is a Hong Kong based online store and archive that deals in artist books and artist editions with an emphasis on inexpensive work originating in and around Asia.

Lik Ink 在網上銷售藝術書刊。Lik Ink 作為經銷商,出售藝術家的書刊,尤其是有關亞洲地區藝術的書刊

Lik Ink also regularly publishes interviews with book artists and/or related articles about artist editions, book art archives, stores and exhibitions.

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LikInk accepts printed matter to be sold on a commission basis of 40% of price going to LikInk, 60% of price going to artist or producer.

LikInk 收取印製品出售價的40%作為佣金,售價的60%由藝術家或製造者收取。

LikInk primarily concentrates on, and deals with, smaller artist editions and books with an emphasis on work showing an interaction between word and image.

LikInk 專精出品小型藝術作品及圖文互動型書籍。

We are very interested in bilingual Chinese/English productions but also accept work executed exclusively in either of those languages (or indeed any other language).


Please send jpeg examples of the work along with a description to: