The Local Idea Council Inc. was the registered non-profit entity that operated the 88 Room, an alternative exhibition space in Allston, Massachusetts, USA, from 1988 to 1998

The domain localidea.com has been owned and operated by AndrewSGuthrie, on and off, since 1995

The current site is split into three distinct URLs or “projects” – localidea.com, likink.com and pitchyrculture.com

You can access any or all of them by using any of the respective URLs

Localidea is now used for the writing, photography and projects

of AndrewSGuthrie,

who was born in New York City, lived in Boston, moved to Hong Kong in 2005.

Paul's Records cover

“Paul’s Records” was released through Blacksmith Books in October 2015

A review of "Paul's Records" on Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

"Paul's Records" can also be ordered through Amazon


click the image of Paul Au Tak Shing to see video about "Paul's Records"


“Alphabet” (a book of poetry that diagrams literary failure) was released in April 2015 through Proverse Publishing Hong Kong

A review of "Alphabet" on Cha: An Asian Literary Journal


Inquiries can be addressed to andrewsguthrie@yahoo.com